How To Update Your TopNotch Computer

You should'nt need any other anti virus, anti spyware, or anti adware programs on your computer. If you are ever prompted to download a program to fix your computer chances are it is a virus or spyware.

These are ALL FREE and on TopNotch Custom Computers come pre installed. They are located in a folder named "safety" on your desktop. Try to update weekly and run scans every month or two.

Update at least once a week and scan least once a month, definetly update before you scan. Do it before you go to bed or before you leave the house. Can take 20 minutes to an hour depending on your computer.

Security / Safety / Privacy
TopNotch Custom Notebooks & PCs ship with Windows Update Fully Updated along with the following Safety & Security Software Installed. Windows Security Essentials AntiVirus, MalwareBytes, SpyWare Blaster, Spy Bot Search & Destroy, CCleaner Slim, along with a shortcut link to erase Flash Cookies. They are all conveniently located in a safety folder on the desktop.
Security / Safety / Privacy - the only programs you should need.


Microsoft Security Essentials

This program updates daily it can also be updated thru windows update.




Windows Update
Usually updates every 2nd Tuesday of each month but may push an update out anytime one is needed. Your computer should be set to automatically download and install them. This is the most important thing to do to keep your computer safe.








Malwarebytes this program pretty much updates everyday.



Spybot Search & Destroy

this program updates every week or two. Run once a month after you update. Can take 20 minutes to an hour.






this program only updates once or twice a month. You don't ever have to run it, just check for updates periodically.








All TopNotch Custom Notebooks & PCs come with the hard drives pre partitioned, with Dual Boot Capabilities. You will be able to boot into multiples OS’s (Operating Systems) We use Windows 7 64Bit Home Premium & the newest version of Linux. A full format is performed on all hard drives before custom installs and a full defrag with MyDefrag is performed after updates and custom installs so data is continous on your drive (Not performed on systems with SSDs (Solid State Drives).

All TopNotch Custom Notebooks & PCs come with the following Web Browsers installed all will be the most current versions of Internet Explorer , Mozilla Firefox Security / Safety / Privacy... Must Have FireFox Extensions with NoScript, BlackSheep, AdBlock Plus, HTTPS Everywhere, BetterPrivacy Add On, Ghostery, BeefTaco (Targeted Advertising Cookie Opt-Out) Extension, H.264 HTML5 Video Plug In, Windows Media Player FireFox PlugIn, Security / Safety / Privacy... Must Have FireFox Extensions All browsers come with common https:// Bookmarks preloaded.

All TopNotch Custom Notebooks & PCs also come with the following software programs installed Windows Live Essentials,, ImgBurn, SlySoft Virtual CloneDrive, KLite Codec Pack with Media Player Classic, VideoLan Movie Creator, Video Pad Video Editor, VLC Player, DVD Decrypter, DVD Shrink, Foobar Music Player, Pidgin Instant Message Chat Client, Open Office, Exact Audio Copy, Audacity, Lame Mp3 Encoder, AutoGK, VobSub, DivX codec/Web Player, The latest version of Silverlight, Flash, Air, & Quicktime, 7Zip, Skype, File Renamer Basic, DirPrint, Foxit PDF reader, Tor for anonymous web surfing, TrueCrypt if you wish to encrypt your hard drive or files, BitCoin Anonymous virtual crypto currency Trade BitCoins for anonymous no middlemen transactions, Calibre to convert your ebooks for ebook readers, PS3 Media Server, PDAnet to tether Android phones via usb, & SubAir along with a free 90 day subscription to the TopNotch Radio Netcast…..

There will be a software folder which includes all of the above mentioned install files along with image files of the latest Linux Mint OS, Linux Ubuntu OS, Dban (Darik's Boot & Nuke) to completly wipe hard drives for resale or disposal, Back Track Linux, and a back up image of your system if you ever need to restore.. WireShark for WiFi Network Protocal analyzer. Scappy packet analyzer. DNSRU, These are all stored on the separate partition.

TopNotch Custom Notebooks can also be configured with the following software programs for an additional fee as the software is not free. Microsoft Office 2010, Adobe CS5 Products, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Winrar, Sony Vegas, Ulead.....Other software packages available just ask and we will send a price qoute.

Android Apps I Use

If you want iTunes install it yourself.

Crummey Trusts Aren't Crummey NBA We Still Return 20%

Technology & Children Are The Future Here's How They Start
Alice, Squeak, Smalltalk, Python, How To Think Like A Computer Scientist, Assembly Language, Ruby On Rails, CSS, C++, Racket, How To design Programs, Google Code & Android, Windows Phone Development


Is currently the only point to point encrypted communications tool. You should assume all other forms of communications can be compromised. Emails & Landlines still require warrants.

Privacy / Tracking 2011 Internet Mobile Phones

Please Support & if this topic interests you.

Please be aware ALL cellphones even ones without GPS ping(phone home) the nearest cell phone tower approx 4 times per hour unless the battery is removed.

While the nearest tower may be miles away your location can be pinpointed to 30-300 meters 90-1200 feet.

90% of most peoples time is spent between home/work.

The best way to retain your privacy if you don't wished to be tracked is
by purchasing prepaid phones,
pre paid mifi (wifi) devices,
by using an assumed name for cell phone contracts, internet/cable bills, utilities,
by removing the battery from your mobile device.

By not using a cell phone

iDevices iPad 1, ipad 2, iphones,etc.
opt out (does not give you option to turn off)
Keeps a continuous permanent log unencrypted (anyone can view), anyone with 30 seconds access to any computer you synched with or your phone can copy this file
phones home once every 15 minutes or everytime used,
log updates even when you upgrade to a new phone,
can't remove the battery
13,000+ log entries, one log has been found to go back 2.5 years (6/2008) current date 4/2011 I would assume there are already apps that can read this file and email or text it out without your permission.

Android devices
Opt In (asks user if they want to turn off yes no check box )
Keeps a self deleting temporary log encrypted (you have to root phone/hack to view)
phones home every 15 minutes or everytime used,
deletes itself approx every 50 + log entries (last 48 hours)

Windows 7

Other Options Notes
Tablets purchase WiFi only versions

GPS pinpoints = 3-300ft
Cell Phone Tower Pings = miles but with triangulation software 30-1200

If it has cell phone service it calls home regardless every 15 minutes if battery is in. If you want to talk without wires the cell phone company needs to know where the phone is, just physics.

Some apps have ability to turn on your microphone and record audio/video without your permission.

This information used to require warrants & due process but the information is pretty easy to obtain via pen register or a 30 seconds access to your idevice

Pen Registers do not require a warrant, subpoena, or a judge. All numbers called & All numbers calling, Email To & From Information, GPS Location, IP Address, can all be accessed by law enforcement via cell phone companies websites & a fee NO QUESTIONS ASKED #JustSoYouKnow its as simple as logging into facebook for them.





Cables & Other Must Haves

6ft 3.5mm, 6ft 3.55mm splitter, 12ft 3.5mm, 25ft 3.5mm, 6ft HDMI, 12ft HDMI, 25ft HDMI, 6ft MicroHDMI, 15ft MicroHDMI, 10ft Ethernet, 20ft Ethernet, 30ft Ethernet, VGA Cables, Outlet Expander USB Travel Charger, Travel Power Strip, Extension Cord, 3 prong to 2 prong converter
2011-2012 Wireless Router D-Link-DIR-655, Add USB Wireless, USB Car Charger